Movement of the Ocean

Project Brief

 Create a Pin Board and/or Mood Board for inspiration.

Design a Gem Set Hair Comb, Brooch, Pendant and/or Earrings based on the Ocean, the idyllic scenery of Gower, Nature and Movement. The titles of each piece should reflect on the nature of the sea - Harsh, Rough, Calm and Flowing. 

Write a Technical Journal of the CAD process.

Create a costing sheet in the material being used as well as another precious metal, for commercial purposes.

Materials and Processes

Techniques allowed - CAD, 3D printing, Casting and Stone setting, Engraving and Sandblasting.

Materials – Bronze and Silver – Gold Plating optional.

Stones - 1-5 mm Gems. (e.g. CZ, Sapphires etc.)

Research and Investigation

Research Stone Setters, Casting Companies, Artists and Galleries – Find local companies and build a network. Use Personal Communication to determine which companies/independent businesses to use, Libraries, artists and Websites to determine your findings.

Proposed Outcomes

A Silver high-quality finished gem set brooch based on the Harsh/Rough Sea.

A Silver pendant and/or Comb based on the Harsh/Rough Sea.

A set of Earrings based on the Calm/Flowing Sea.

Gestural drawing often helps me devise patterns and shapes which inspire my jewellery designs.


I use Rhino 5 and Matrix programmes to create the designs, and to edit the designs as they develop.